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Struggling To Forgive The Undeserving 02-17-18
Postmodernism And The Church 01-27-18
Enemies of The Cross 01-10-18
A Conversation With The Devil 12-19-17
Laminin: Evidence of God’s Existence 12-6-17
Unless You Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood 11-25-17
Demonic Influence, Progression, and Possession 11-15-17
How To Escape God’s Judgment 10-19-17
Absence of Discernment 10-12-17
The Truth About Tolerance, Acceptance, And Diversity 09-17-17
The Illusion Of Success Apart From God 09-10-17
Do You Believe In Destiny? 07-07-17
Guilty of Mocking God? 04-02-17
Do People Have A Right To Go To Hell? 03-12-17
The Spirit Of The Antichrist 01-14-17
Navigating Life’s Raging Storms 12-26-16
Do You Need A New Life? 10-27-16
The Problem Is Not The Sympton 10-08-16
10 Reasons We Reject God 09-18-16
The Seductive Nature Of Pop Culture 09-13-16
Brutal Honesty Could Change Your Life 09-04-16
Your Religion Will Not Fool God 08-20-16
More Than Forgiveness… Change (Understanding Sanctification) 08-07-16
Destroying America’s Conscience 07-02-16
Sensing God’s Presence: Is It Real Or Emotionalism? 06-18-16
Is God Politically Incorrect? 05-21-16
The Message Of The Cross 05-12-16
Do You Need To Attend Church To Be A Christian? 04-26-16
One Nation Under God 04-12-16
Finding Your Way 04-03-16
Do The Dead Live Again? 03-23-16
Suffering From Spiritual Blindness? 03-13-16
Intellectual Christianity 03-08-16
A Place Called HELL 02-28-16
Broken People (Restoring Broken People) 02-27-16
The Alluring Deception Of A Toxic Philosophy 02-21-16
Inside The mind Of A Drug Addict 12-27-15
How To Escape Drug Addiction 11-29-15
How A Road Map Can Save Your Life 01-17-15
Left Behind, The Movie 10-11-15
Is Overcoming Depression Possible 08-17-14
What is love? Do You Really Know? 05-13-14
Heaven Is For Real Is A True Story 04-21-14
What Would You Say To A Man That Claimed To Be God? 04-18-14
God’s Not Dead, The Movie 04-15-14
Noah The Movie: Biblical Inaccurate and Theological Convoluted 04-13-14